Workflow History List – Hidden

28 08 2008

Im currently working on some code in a SharePoint application page to write to the workflow history list programatically – from outside the workflow itself! I will post the details up when I get it working, for all of you who are trying to view your workflow history list as a SharePoint list, it does exist! it’s just hidden from view by SharePoint, simply use the following url with your own site:

http://servername/sharepointsite/lists/Workflow History





3 responses

9 09 2008

I tried but not able to view any list

9 09 2008

Sorry my url was wrong, you need to add ‘lists’, see below:

http://servername/sharepointsite/lists/Workflow History

15 08 2011

Also, you can find out all of the workflow lists for your site this way:

1. Click “Open in Explorer” in any document library on your site.
2, Once the explorer window pops open, go to the root of your site.
3. Click on the “Lists” folder. All of your lists, including hidden Workflow Lists will show up here.
4. Use the desired list name in the format: http://servername/sharepointsite/lists/“Workflow Name” (without the quotes)

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