IE 6.0 crashing when opening documents from SharePoint/WSS

13 01 2009

I’ve been experiencing random crashes in IE whenever I try and open a document from a WSS/SharePoint site for a while and couldn’t find a fix. Well today I found this hotfix from MS:

I installed it on my machine, rebooted and hey presto – the problem has disappeared!

They state that the problem occurs because:

“In this scenario, the older version of the Name.dll file becomes the registered version. When the Owssupp.dll file is used, it tries to use functionality that is not available. This condition causes Internet Explorer to crash (stop responding).”

I thought I would post my find up here as I’m sure some people are probably suffering the same problem! 🙂




2 responses

13 02 2009
Sally Sibthorpe

That’s an Office 2007 fix. I am having the same problem, but I’m in Office 2003. DO you know if there is an Office 2003 hotfix?

16 02 2009

Hi Sally, Have you tried to install the fix anyway? I believe the problem can occur if any part of Office 2007 has ever been installed on the machine, even previously installed and then removed. We are using Office 2003 also! Cheers.

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