Windows 7 RC

7 05 2009

windows-7-logo Just thought id write a quick post about the recently released Windows 7 Release Candidate (Build 7100). I am now running this as my main OS and must say I am pretty impressed. Microsoft seem to have channeled all their effort into fixing Vista’s flaws and providing a stable base similar to Windows XP.

Boot up/load time of the OS is incredible, vista would take a good few minutes to load all my applications and be booted up ready for use. In contrast Windows 7 can go from login screen to fully loaded in under 30 seconds. I have been using 7 for about a week now and have not managed to make it crash or blue screen once so it seems strong in the reliability stakes.

The interface of 7 is very similar to vista except for the modification of the task bar to display the icons of the currently loaded apps rather than the icon and the text. This means you can fit a lot more onto the taskbar, its a bit odd at first but fine when you get used to it.

A new addition in windows 7 is ‘Virtual XP Mode’, this is a downloadable add-on from that is basically a glorified virtual machine. It allows you to run any application inside of a windows XP environment, great for those who don’t want to move to 7 because of compatibility issues.

All in all I am very impressed and certainly won’t be going back to vista! The RC is currently available for download from the MS site:

Once registered you can also download a serial key. The RC build expires in 2010, plenty of time as 7 should be released by then. 🙂




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