Alerts not working after WSS Backup/Restore

24 07 2009

Recently we had a problem with our WSS environment when we tried to move the databases from one SQL server to another. I used the standard stsadm restore option to restore the individual web applications &  site collections.

Everything appeared to work great and I re-deployed our .wsp’s until one of the users notified me that their alerts didn’t seem to work. I double checked their alerts on the site and they were set up ok – ‘Immediate’ alerts on a documents list.

When I tried to subscribe myself a new alert, I would receive the initial subscription email but not the actual alert.

I did a bit of digging around and it turns out there that there is a known bug when using stsadm or the GUI to restore a web application – the Timer Jobs don’t get restored! When I check the timer job definitions page in central admin I could only see timer jobs for those web applications that were created since the restore.

This is well document in Dave Wollerman’s blog –

See here:

or here:

Now it seems there is a Post-SP1 hotfix available here that will fix the issue (KB941922) –

I cannot confirm however if that hotfix works as I manually created the web applications again keeping the IIS sites & content databases, this then recreated the missing timer job definitions and hey presto the alerts stopped working!

Hope this helps anyone with similar issues!




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