Change of job/role

28 08 2009

Well I haven’t blog posted in a while as things have been pretty hectic for me lately. I am going to be moving jobs in October and will be working as a SharePoint/.NET developer.

The company is called Intelligent Decisioning Ltd, their website is –

They are a Microsoft Gold partner based in Nottingham offering SharePoint/CRM solutions. I am excited about the move but also will be sad to leave my old place.

Expect an update nearer the time :-).

Enabling .NET 3.5/AJAX in MOSS 2007 Sites

6 08 2009

I have been searching for a decent blog post/tutorial on how to enable .NET 3.5 in a MOSS site for a while now.

I first came across the following blog post that describes how to enable ASP AJAX 1.0 in MOSS –

So I modified the web.config as per the above guide and it works great!

…However the .NET framework 3.5 contains a newer version of AJAX which I’m sure would be the preferred choice to use.

I finally came across this post by Tobias Zimmergren where he walks through the changes that need to made to the web.config –

Thanks Toby! As I understand there are other less ‘manual’ ways of doing this that do not involve directly editing the web.config but these can have their problems and I think that the manual way feels more thorough.

Hope this helps someone!

SharePoint solutions do not retract

5 08 2009

I have had this problem on one of our servers for some time now and am still trying to figure out what causes it.

When you go to the ‘Solution Management’ screen of Central Administration and retract a solution (wsp) it seems to retract ok but the status of the solution remains ‘Deployed’. When you try and delete the solution in the GUI you then get an error saying that you must retract the solution first – but it is retracted!

To get round this you can run an stsadm command to physically delete the solution:

STSADM –o deletesolution –name ‘YourSolution.wsp’ –override

The override flag is needed to force the removal of the solution as SharePoint thinks it is still deployed even when it is retracted.

If anyone has any ideas of what the problem with the GUI might be or how I can solve it please let me know.

Hope this helps 🙂