VseWSS 1.3 CTP March 09 – Still Buggy

15 10 2009
I’ve been developing a web part today and thought I would try the VseWSS extensions to see if they would get the job done quicker, I normally just create the Visual Studio solution myself and use WSPBuilder (http://www.codeplex.com/wspbuilder) to deploy it.

After I had built my web part I clicked to debug and was presented with the following error:


To get past this error I used the following two blog posts:



It seems that the error is because the account running the application pool for VseWSS web application in IIS does not have the correct permissions. I was on a domain controller so simply gave the account domain admin permissions. This however did not fix the error and I ended up giving the account full control to the folder itself!

When I tried to deploy again I did not get the above error but now a different one (See screenshot below)! I cannot find any more details on this error and the folders specified in the error message do not even exist.  I think im going to go back to using WSPBuilder from now on as it seems the VseWSS extensions are still quite buggy.


If anyone has any more details on the above error and how to fix it then please let me know 🙂




2 responses

15 10 2009
Jeremy Thake

Yes, disappointed it’s still in “CTP” and not RTW! especially if VS2010 isn’t going to be backwards compatible with 2007, 2007 is going to be around for us devs for a long time. I’m just about to start a 2003 migration project!

16 10 2009

Well that was strange, just went to debug my project expecting the same error and this time VseWSS built and deployed the .wsp as well as activating the feature! :p

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