Removing a Custom Nintex Action

11 02 2010

Today I needed to remove a Nintex custom action that I had produced from my SharePoint environment and couldn’t see any options to do this on the ‘Manage Allowed Actions’ page in Central Admin . A quick Google (errm I mean Bing!) search revealed a forum thread at the Nintex connect website, the forum thread mentioned going into the database to remove the action.

I didn’t fancy doing anything that drastic! so I did some more searching and then I found out that there is actually a command line tool called ‘Naming.exe’ which is supplied with Nintex Workflow 2007 and resides in the following folder:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Nintex\Nintex Workflow 2007\

This tool is similar to STSADM and allows you to remove a custom action. To remove an action use the following command:

NWAdmin.exe –o RemoveAction

You need to give this command the namespace and type name of your adapter. After this command has run you will need to execute another command:

NWAdmin.exe –o RemoveSafeActions

This command will remove the references to the action assembly from the web.config files of your SharePoint sites.

Hope this helps!




One response

28 01 2011

Hi guys,
I am designing a important workflow for my org. I’ve a proces where I need to give authority to a requestor to add addtional rows in the submission form. Coz this varies from one request to another. I am stuck as to how can I give this authority to the requestor to add additional row as per there requirements. Also if a additional column is added by the requestor, i want the workflow to populate 3 columns for each row added.

Please help.


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