MonoTouch – .NET apps on the iPhone platform

16 09 2009

Had to write a post about this as this is great news for .NET developers who fancy developing apps for the iPhone.

MonoTouch is a platform that has been developed by Novell allowing .NET C# based applications to run on the iPhone and take advantage of the iPhone’s API’s.

Here is the original post that I read over at modmyi –

And here is the link to the official site –

There appears to be a trial available so I might give it a go 🙂 Although the base version is very expensive at $399!


Edit – I’ve just noticed you have to run it on a mac which is annoying if you only have a windows machine like me.

iPhone 3G – I’ve finally upgraded

31 07 2009

white-iphone Well I’ve finally upgraded my trusty 2G iPhone to a 3G one – I couldn’t justify the price of the 3GS so went with a 3G 16GB one in white as you don’t see as many of these as the black ones.

I opted to buy the phone outright and use my o2 simplicity sim card as I think the prices for the iPhone contracts are just crazy!

I’ve been using it for about a week so far and I love it! The best thing is the sheer increase in speed over my old 2G one which was so slow browsing the web etc on GPRS or EDGE. I prefer the screen on the 3G iPhone and the flush headphone socket so I can use normal headphones and not just the apple ones.

As I’ve installed lots of apps since I’ve started using the new 3G device, I thought I would share a list of top rated ones:

reqall_icon_5121-150x150 reQall –For managing tasks/notes etc

original myPhone –Syncing facebook pictures/birthday’s with your iPhone contacts

Flight_control_app_iconFlight Control –So simple yet so addictive, in this game you have to land as many aircraft as possible by drawing routes on the screen to the runway

Let me know what you think of the above apps and the iPhone 3G in general 🙂

iPhone 2g/3g roaming bug – latest (2.2) firmware

19 01 2009

iPhone I seem to have discovered a bug in the iPhone’s latest firmware. I have a 2g (2nd Generation iPhone) which is unlocked/jailbroken and running the latest 2.2 Apple Update.

Last week I travelled to Hungary and whilst there my iPhone was using the T-Mobile H network. On the plane I used Airplane mode, once back in the UK I switched Airplane mode off and the phone began searching for a carrier (I am on o2). However the phone would not find o2 and kept saying it was still connected to T-Mobile H (Hungary).

After testing a few things, I was definitely on the o2 network but the phone displayed the carrier/network name incorrectly. I tried to manually change carrier, reboot phone, switch airplane mode on and off and resetting the network settings to no joy.

After restoring my iPhone in iTunes, the problem still remained! After hours of hair pulling frustration, I have now finally found the fix, to get the carrier name displaying properly then follow the below steps:

  • Restore the iPhone in iTunes to 2.1 firmware, shift and click restore and select a 2.1 ipsw firmware file.
  • Quickpwn the iPhone (using Quickpwn 2.1)
  • Install Bootneuter using Cydia and run
  • Flash the Bootloader using Bootneuter to the appropriate bootloader (either 3.9 or 4.6 depending on your iPhone), do not select neuter just keep all the sliders off and press ‘Flash’.
  • Your iPhone will now have no signal/network at all
  • Restore the iPhone to latest firmware using iTunes
  • Quickpwn the iPhone (using Quickpwn 2.2)
  • The iPhone should now be displaying the correct carrier name and should be fully unlocked/pwned :-)!

Hope this helps some equally frustrated people!