My Top 5 IE8 Accelerators

6 11 2009

If you haven’t heard of them ‘Accelerators’ are a new feature in IE8 which are designed to make your browsing tasks quicker and easier.

Accelerators allow you to perform an action by simply highlighting text on a webpage or just right clicking on a page and selecting your chosen accelerator.

Below are my top 5 IE8 accelerators:

1. ‘Google Reader Accelerator’

Simply right click on the RSS feed page and click the accelerator to subscribe to it with your Google reader account.


2. ‘Wordpress Accelerator’

Select any text on a webpage and select the accelerator to start a new blog post containing the selected text.


(Login to your dashboard and you should find it available for download)

3. ‘Twitter Accelerator’

Select some text on a page and select the twitter accelerator to send the text as a tweet from your twitter account.


4. ‘Google Maps Accelerator’

Select any bit of text (Postcode, Address etc) and select the google maps accelerator to open the location in google maps.


5. ‘Google Mail Accelerator’

Select some text and select the google mail accelerator to create a new email message containing the selected text.


Hope you find these accelerators helpful and as useful as I do!